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Stanislav Hanzík

a contemporary Czech sculptor
photographer Josef Sudek - sculptor Stanislav Hanzik



Stanislav Hanzík is a renowned portraitist of prominent Czech and international personalities from the fine arts, science, architecture, literature, and other fields. Among them, we can find Mother Teresa, Alfons Mucha, Bohumil Hrabal, Josef Sudek, Jaroslav Seifert, Bedrich Smetana, Bozena Nemcova, Karel Hynek Macha, Josef Sudek, Karel Hasler, and many others. The sculptor's portraits of bronze, tin, or stone can be found in public places in Prague and other Czech cities as well as in the interiors of the Czech National Theatre, the Czech National Gallery, the Czech embassies in New York and Paris, among others.


Many of the portrayed personalities sat directly as models in the artist's studio in Neruda street below the Prague Castle - such as photographer Josef Sudek, actors Rudolf Hrušínský, Josef Kemr, Vlastimil Brodsky, and Josef Vinklar, neurosurgeon Zdenek Kunc, painter Josef Istler, writer Bohumil Hrabal, architect Jaroslav Fragner, painter and graphic artist Josef Liesler, and others.


Portraits of family members are rare. They include the artist's mother Karla, whom he realized during his studies at the Czechoslovak Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and his wife Kveta in her 30-ties.




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