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Stanislav Hanzík

a contemporary Czech sculptor

Public works


In our contemporary sculpture, Hanzik represents aesthetic activity which "summons" the power and strength of a man living, even now, in anxiety evoked by his wartime experiences, an anxiety which has become as "universal as the events which evoke it" (Garaudy). A learned misconception might prompt Hanzik's torsos to be seen as allegories inspired by classical mythology. Modern sculptors turn to mythology to define the magic in relationships between man, life, and nature which they capture as an enduring, aesthetic virtue and lasting application, and not for the sake of archaic symbolism. Hanzik develops the contemporary emotional intensity of life and its dominant features in these three motifs.


Dr. Josef Cisarovsky, from the Exhibition Catalogue St. Hanzik, Gallery New Hall, Prague 1967, see the entire text here >>

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